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At PHV, we assist eligible hospitals, clinics, FQHCs, skilled nursing facilities, and others navigate their way to savings through the Universal Service Fund. We specifically focus on the Universal Service Program called the Rural Health Care (RHC) Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program, which is administered by USAC.

We work for you with USAC through the whole funding process:
• Site Eligibility
• Requests for Services
• Funding Requests
• The Release of Approved Funding

PHV is with you every step of the way, freeing you from paperwork so that you can get back to administering exceptional care.


What We Do For You

  • Validate each of your sites’ eligibility for RHC funding
  • Review telecommunications and network management bills to determine qualifying services
  • Review potential equipment purchases to determine eligibility
  • Create organization-unique consortiums for maximum federal and state support for eligible expenses
  • Submit all required RHC program forms with mandatory supporting documentation to expedite processing
  • Serve as the point of contact for questions from USAC during the processing of all program forms
  • File annual reports and support you through USAC audits

Take Advantage of USAC Consulting

More on RHC

The Rural Health Care (RHC) Program works to increase connectivity to rural health facilities so they may deliver the best possible medical care to their communities. The RHC has two subgroups: the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) and the Telecommunications (Telecom) Programs. Between these two programs, almost $707 million in funding can be distributed for USAC Funding Year 2024 to subsidize approved broadband and telecom expenses.

About USAC

The mission at the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) is to achieve universal service, where everyone in the US has accessible, affordable, and pervasive high-speed connectivity. While connectivity is prevalent in most urban areas, millions of people in the US cannot access broadband services for work, learning, healthcare, and communication. In addition to the RHC, USAC connects underserved areas through school and library, high cost, and lifeline programs.

More on nusf-57

The Nebraska State Telehealth Fund Program (NUSF-57) provides secondary funding to Nebraska healthcare providers receiving federal support. To be eligible for state NUSF-57 program support, applicants are required to demonstrate participation in the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF), a subprogram of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) RHC program. Contact us to find out how you can receive an additional 25% subsidy on your eligible expenses!

consortium benefits

A consortium is a group of two or more healthcare providers (HCPs) that choose to request support from the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program as a single entity. Both rural and eligible non-rural sites (urban) are eligible for USAC funding. Consortiums must maintain over a 50% rurality rate (the majority of sites must be rural). In addition to all of the eligible services/equipment/installation costs for individual filers, members of a consortium can also request USAC funding on:

o Network Management Services
o Network Maintenance
o Network Operation
o Professional Services…and more!

Interested in learning more about consortiums? Contact us today to start the conversation!


Between all of Prairie Health Ventures’ skilled staff, we have more than 30 years of experience with USAC filing. Through our work in USAC Consulting, members receive discounts of 65% on eligible broadband expenses and network equipment.

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