Rebecca Miller, clinical pharmacist-informatics specialist at Bozeman Health in Montana said of her hospital that, “we offer a lot of the same services that a larger hospital would have. But because of our rural nature and our population size, we may not always have the resources that a larger hospital would have in terms of people, time, and funding our projects.” Is that a familiar story? Regardless of these constraints, Bozeman Health was named 1 of the top 20 rural community hospitals for 2018 by the National Rural Health Association.

How do hospitals continue to adopt new technology to increase efficiency in the same circumstances as Bozeman Health? Stephanie Baker Justice from St. Claire HealthCare in Morehead, Kentucky believes that the key to success in informatics initiatives is to seek help. St. Clare is a 159-bed regional hospital and ranked top 20 in H&HN’s most wired list 2017. Justice says that this level of success was brought on by knowledge from trade shows, technology product vendors, and consultants. Justice also advises that hospitals study others with products and systems in place that they aspire to deploy. Read more about how these two pharmacists found success integrating their informatics processes with new tech.

Prairie Health Ventures agrees that when it comes to pharmacy informatics and system integration, there is no need to go it alone. Our pharmacy consultant has a strong understanding of different informatics and automations systems and can help your organization explore best practices.

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