Premier continuously analyzes their portfolio for supply chain risk and resiliency measures. The products listed below currently have limited suppliers in the market, raw material constraints, off-shore manufacturing locations, and/or increased usage.

  • Surgeon Sterile Gloves
  • Normal Saline Vials
  • Hot and Cold Packs
  • Laboratory Specimen Collection
  • Standard Hypodermics/Safety Hypodermics
  • Chest Drainage
  • Flush Syringes
  • Suction Canisters
  • Sterilization Wrap

BD also released a Supply Update regarding BD ChloraPrep Clear 1 mL Applicator. BD is currently experiencing backorders on this product but is closely monitoring inventory and customer ordering patterns. Until their supplier resumes normal operations, inventory controls are in place for this product (including not ordering excess quantities, not stockpiling this product, etc.)

If you have questions regarding supply chain shortages, contact PHV.

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