April 1, 2016
Prairie Health Ventures continues to find more ways to deliver value to our members. In the past, a handful of hospitals benefited from utilizing Premier’s MySpend for analyzing supply chain opportunities within their organizations.
We are excited to announce making available to 41 hospitals in our purchasing program complimentary access to Premier’s industry leading Spend Analytics tool.
The process of analyzing spend data can be detailed, tedious and time consuming.  Those are some of the reasons this practice isn’t eagerly adopted.  But once analyzed, the information gathered can result in reduced costs, compliance improvement and increased efficiencies.
The analysis can show where there are areas for improvement, not only in price decreases, but process improvement as well.  More than likely the data is already within the organization, regardless of the type of inventory/accounts payable system being utilized.
More information will be released soon instructing how member hospitals can participate and start seeing results.
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