Drug Shortages have been a serious problem for hospital pharmacies for over a decade and have caused some pharmacies to scramble to find the drug, or come up with viable alternatives.  Premier is working towards mitigating some drug shortages with their ProvideGx program and has 25 products available.

To participate in the program, each hospital needs to sign a Letter of Participation.  Even if you do not plan to currently purchase medications available it is advisable to sign the LOP for future use. Emergency drug syringes are launching now.

How to Participate in ProvideGx:

  1. Request the ProvideGX Letter of Participation
  2. Opt-in by medication
  3. Purchase 65% of annual volume through ProvideGx

Contact Therese Caliendo at 402-742-2207 or Therese.Caliendo@phvne.com for a complete list of products or more information on how to sign up for this program.

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