August 15, 2015 – Premier is now the newest Cost, Quality and Outcomes (CQO) Sponsor!  The AHRMM CQO Movement changes how supply chain professionals impact healthcare.  The CQO Movements is taking a holistic view on the correlations between costs, quality, and outcomes compared to viewing them separately.  AHRMM provides training and an educational framework that equips supply chain professionals with the skills and expertise to better the supply chain strategy.
“With the support of our CQO Movement Sponsors, AHRMM continues to lead the supply chain profession as it embraces the intersection of cost, quality and outcomes. Premier brings a strong blend of services and technology solutions to support supply chain professionals as healthcare continues to move towards value-based care. We are thrilled to have Premier join us as a CQO Sponsor as we develop additional resources that continue to benefit AHRMM members and build the expertise of supply chain professionals.”
– Deborah Sprindzuas, Execultive Director of AHRMM.

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