Kidwell has been serving the community since 1948. Their Healthcare Technology products include Nurse Call, Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), and staff communication tools such as pagers, radios, and a variety of phones. Their products provide healthcare facilities with dynamic and actionable information to help providers and organizations make timely, informed decisions to improve patient outcomes.

Kidwell offers electronic patient care boards which have telemedicine capabilities and allow remote consultations and family interactions to improve communication. These solutions are intuitive, easy to use, and help reduce noise levels and increase patient satisfaction. They also optimize staff time, navigate challenges, and provide tools to help you care for people more efficiently with patient and staff safety in mind.

RTLS has many applications in Healthcare. Most commonly used are Asset Tracking, Environmental Services Monitoring, Employee and Patient Tracking, and Wayfinding. These tools help facilities improve workflow, safety, patient experience, and meet compliance standards. Analytics and alerts are key features that support the solutions as well.

Their communication tools link care team members to have access throughout the facility with voice, data, and security all within reach. This allows you to streamline workflow and collaborate more efficiently. Let Kidwell help you care for your patients!

Check out their flyer or contact PHV with questions.

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