Do you have an opportunity for improvement? Could the communication amongst your team be better than it is? Could your team be working more effectively? Could your work culture be stronger?

One way to address communication, team effectiveness and work culture is by having your team take the DiSC assessment. The online assessment takes approximately ten minutes and each person immediately receives their own report explaining their style. The report also includes helpful recommendations of how to interact more effectively with others based on their DiSC style.

Once everyone has taken their assessment, a 90-minute DiSC training with the entire team is the best way to bring the tool to life. Each style is discussed and the uniqueness of each style is highlighted. Communication styles, work priorities, and approach to conflict are presented.

The training session can be delivered in-person or done virtually. Start 2024 with a plan to improve communication, team effectiveness and work culture!

Contact Mary Sand, PhD at Sand Consulting,, 605-212-9374

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