NPG Health Collaborative

NPG Health Collaborative, LLC (NPG Health) was formed as a separate legal entity to apply for the CMS Shared Savings Program. NPG Health is a collaboration of hospitals, rural health clinics and physicians located in the Midwest.

The goal of NPG Health is to improve the health and wellness of the members of our communities. We intend to improve the quality of care and patient satisfaction, increase preventive health and wellness alternatives, and decrease the costs of healthcare for our Medicare patients.

With more than 140 providers across 12 rural hospitals and over 14,000 Medicare beneficiaries, NPG Health’s goal is to assist rural hospitals and their associated clinics in creating comprehensive population health management programs to achieve superior patient care, patient engagement and high quality outcomes for their rural community Medicare beneficiaries.

NPG Health Collaborative, LLC was formed and is managed by Prairie Health Ventures (PHV). PHV is a leading alliance of hospitals and non-acute healthcare organizations in the Midwest. Member owned and directed, our growing membership of over 50 hospitals and 600 plus affiliate healthcare and business organizations across the region is actively engaged in a variety of business activities aimed at providing solutions to improve access, quality, patient care and business performance.

ACO governing body:

  • Daniel DeFreece, M.D., ACO Provider/Supplier, Voting Member, St. Mary’s Community Hospital, Nebraska City, NE
  • Brian Hass, M.D., ACO Provider/Supplier, Voting Member, Franciscan Care Services, West Point, NE
  • Roger Reamer, Vice Chair, Voting Member, Memorial Healthcare Systems, Seward, NE
  • Greg Jerger, Treasurer, Voting Member, Memorial Healthcare Systems, Seward, NE
  • Jared Ketner, M.D., ACO Provider/Supplier, Voting Member, Memorial Healthcare Systems, Seward, NE
  • David Jones, ACO Voting Member, Alegent Health Community Memorial Hospital, Missouri Valley, IA
  • Jason Hass, PA-C, Voting Member, Brodstone Memorial Hospital, Superior, NE
  • Rodney Triplett, Chairperson, Voting Member, Community Stakeholder Representative, Lincoln, NE
  • Alisa Brunsing, Secretary, Voting Member, Franciscan Care Services, West Point, NE
  • Glenn Sweet, Medicare Beneficiary Representative
  • Treg Vyzourek, Voting Member, Brodstone Memorial Hospital, Superior, NE
  • Burke Kline, DHA, Voting Member, Jefferson Community Health Center, Fairbury, NE

Key ACO clinical and administrative leadership:

  • ACO Executive: Rodney Triplett, CEO
  • Medical Director: Brian Hass, M.D.
  • Compliance Official: Anne Hansen
  • Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer: Anne Hansen

Associated committees and committee leadership:

  • Finance Committee
    • Greg Jerger, Chairperson
    • Rodney Triplett
  • Quality, Compliance & Clinical Informatics Committee
    • Daniel DeFreece, M.D., Chairperson
    • Jared Ketner, M.D.
  • Utilization Review Committee
    • Jason Hass, PA-C, Chairperson
    • Daniel DeFreece, M.D.

Alegent Health Community Memorial Hospital, Missouri Valley, IA (dba CHI Health Missouri Valley)

  • CHI Health Clinic Missouri Valley, IA
  • CHI Health Clinic Logan, IA
  • CHI Health Clinic Dunlap, IA
  • CHI Health Clinic Woodbine, IA
  • CHI Health Clinic Oakland, IA

Alegent Health Mercy Hospital Corning, IA (dba CHI Health Mercy Corning)

  • CHI Health Clinic Bedford, IA
  • CHI Health Clinic Lenox, IA
  • CHI Health Clinic Corning, IA

Alegent Health Memorial Hospital Schuyler, NE (dba CHI Health Schuyler)

  • CHI Health Clinic Howells, NE
  • CHI Health Clinic Schuyler, NE
  • CHI Health Clinic Clarkson, NE

Brodstone Memorial Hospital- Superior, NE (dba Brodstone Healthcare)

  • Brodstone Family Medical Superior, Superior, NE
  • Brodstone Family Medical Nelson, Nelson, NE
  • Brodstone Family Medical Edgar, Edgar, NE

Community Memorial Healthcare, Inc.-CMH- Marysville, KS

  • Blue Rapids Medical Clinic, Blue Rapids, KS
  • Community Physicians Clinic, Marysville, KS
  • Community Physicians Clinic, Wymore, NE

Franciscan Care Services-St. Francis Memorial Hospital-FCSWP- West Point, NE

  • Dinklage Medical Clinic, West Point, NE
  • Wisner Family Practice, Wisner, NE
  • Oakland Family Practice, Oakland, NE
  • Howells Family Practice, Howells, NE
  • Scribner Medical Clinic, Scribner, NE

Jefferson Community Health Center-JCHC- Fairbury, NE (dba Jefferson Community Health & Life)

  • Fairbury Clinic, Fairbury, NE

Kearney Co Health Services-KCHS- Minden, NE

  • Minden Medical Clinic, Minden, NE

Memorial Health Care Systems-MCHS- Seward, NE

  • Seward Family Medical Center, Seward, NE
  • Milford Family Medical Center, Milford, NE
  • Utica Family Medical Center, Utica, NE

Pawnee County Memorial Hospital/Rural Health Clinic-PCMH/RHC- Pawnee City, NE

St. Mary’s Community Hospital, Nebraska City, NE (dba CHI Health St. Mary’s)

  • Nebraska City Medical Clinic Nebraska City, NE

Thayer County Memorial Hospital, Hebron, NE (dba Thayer County Health Services)

  • Hebron Medical Clinic, Hebron NE
  • Bruning Medical Clinic, Bruning NE
  • Davenport Medical Clinic, Davenport NE
  • Deshler Medical Clinic, Deshler NE

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