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Need Help Organizing Your Documents?

Organizations of all sizes face the challenge of organizing, managing, and controlling the documents and information they need to generate invoices, pay bills, process payments, manage employees, and service customers or patients. How can you easily manage all of your...

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Revisit Your Employee Benefits in 2022

With the start of the new year, it is the perfect time to review the many perks you have access to from Premier which can enhance your organization’s employee benefits programs. As a Premier member, your organization provides you access to various discounts from...

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Supply Chain Shortages

Premier continuously analyzes their portfolio for supply chain risk and resiliency measures. The products listed below currently have limited suppliers in the market, raw material constraints, off-shore manufacturing locations, and/or increased usage. Surgeon Sterile...

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Testing Has Never Been Easier

Amidst rising COVID numbers, testing remains vital to keeping yourself and those around you safe and healthy. Staples is now offering the Rapid COVID Test for $27.00 MSRP. The Rapid COVID Test is a self-test with no specialized laboratory equipment required. Each box...

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What Can TRIOSE Do For You?

TRIOSE, a freight management company, helps health systems and businesses alike manage their supply chain operations by providing the expertise needed to help make better, more cost-effective decisions. TRIOSE assists organizations in focusing on core business and...

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Discover How Guy Brown Can Simplify Your Toner Use

Though it seems so much of our day-to-day operations have gone virtual, many facilities and businesses still rely on printing and in turn, toner. Guy Brown strives to provide printer supply solutions that help control costs while promoting environmental...

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Spartan Chemical Releases New Product to Kill Bacteria

In the midst of cold and flu season, COVID-19, and the Holidays, bacteria, unfortunately, can be found all around us. Spartan Chemical has released their new product, Profect HP, a hydrogen peroxide solution that kills bacteria and viruses in 60 seconds. When used...

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Supply Chain Disruptions

Premier is currently experiencing a few supply disruptions as of November 3rd. These categories include, Blood Collection Tubes Suction Canisters Chest Drainage Products Surgeon Gloves and Mobility Aids information is in development and coming soon. If you have any...

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Combat Flu Season with Kimberly-Clark

In response to COVID-19, hygiene habits in away-from-home environments have changed. With flu season here, alleviating your staff and clients' concerns and keeping your facility safe and clean is top priority. Kimberly-Clark strives to provide top-of-line products to...

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