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Pest Elimination in the Office

Premier has a special contract with Orkin Pest Control that can help keep the pest out of your office and keep the money in your pocket. As a member of Premier, you qualify for Orkin discounts. These discounts include: 10% off any recurring residential service (e.g....

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Health Plan of the Future

Do you know what the health plan of tomorrow will look like? As distributors such as Google and Amazon start taking interest in the healthcare space, the technology patient experience is becoming more important. Meaning, the health plan for tomorrow will be a...

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Drug Diversion in a Healthcare Setting

Regularly reviewing your controlled substance inventory in your clinic and/or hospital is an important practice to prevent drug diversion. Even with automated dispensing machines (ADMs) in place, diversion can, and does occur. Approximately 10% of people in the US...

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Staples: Your Brand Partner

Staples has partnered with Premier GPO to give your business the branded merchandise it deserves. Staples is the world's most trusted source for branded solutions. As a leader in the branding business, They give you: ▪ Superior service and solutions customized to your...

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Are You Ready for USP<800>?

There is a variety of Closed-System Transfer-Devices (CSTD) on the market. CSTDs will not eliminate hazardous medication exposer 100% but hopefully will minimize it. By the end of the year, December 1, 2019, USP<800> will go into effect. PHV member...

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Simplify Your Mailing Operations with Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is an easy to use sending solution. It is a global technology company that has helped over 1.5 million businesses in more than 100 countries with their mailing. By creating an account with Pitney Bowes along with your Premier membership you will...

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