September, 2017

HRSA will be implementing their new Database for 340B by the October 1st registration period.  HRSA had their webinar on the new OPAIS system on 9/13/2017.  This webinar will be posted on the website in the next week.  The key take-a-ways were:

  • Only the Authorizing Official and Primary Contact can register/update/ change the CE and CP’s
  • The Authorizing Official and Primary Contact must be different people that are employed by the CE
  • The Authorizing Official is the only contact that can approve of any changes/registrations/ updates

If you have further questions, please reach out to Andrew Cross at!
Prairie Health Ventures’ 340B team is conducting their FY17 340B Survey for both the managed and non-managed facilities.  Please complete the applicable survey if you have not already done so to help PHV expand and improve their services. The links to the surveys are below:
For Hospitals using PHV’s 340B Management Services:
For Hospitals NOT using PHV’s 340B Management Services:

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