Nelson Westerberg is a Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE), one of the largest and most respected carrier agents within the Atlas Van Lines network. With over 400 nationwide exclusive agents, their culture and focus are completely satisfying the expectations of our users and doing so cost-efficiently. With one of the largest fleets completely dedicated to corporate moving and storage, Nelson Westerberg takes ownership of every moving and storage-related detail, making the experience of your facility and your employees exceptional.

The contract that is in place with Premier is highly cost-competitive, including a “not to exceed” guarantee. This means they will not charge over what they have originally estimated the cost to be for agreed-to services. For lump sum policy moves, they counsel and collaborate with each facility or employee to work within their respective budgets. They also provide up to $100,000 replacement cost protection on every Premier relocation, at no cost.

Every customer will have a single point of contact with a Nelson Westerberg Customer Service representative that will work with them through the entire relocation process.

Since you are currently a Premier member, there is no additional paperwork to sign, you can begin using their services immediately.

If you have questions about Nelson Westerberg or want to get started today, contact PHV.

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