Hospital members are seeing the benefits of having their spend data submitted to Premier’s Supply Analytics on a regular basis.   With state of the art analytical tools, opportunities for savings are being realized in a number of areas;

  • Price Activation Opportunities
  • Price Discrepancy Identification
  • Conversion Opportunities
  • Volume Changes
  • Pricing Changes

These are just a few of the areas where the hospitals are focusing their attention, the low hanging fruit, if you will.  Once these areas have been worked on and cleaned up, other opportunities can be explored at the hospital’s discretion.  Every hospital is different in their need of information, and the Supply Analytics tool is very flexible in that regard.  Two more hospitals have come on board with direct data submission, with additional hospitals looking at the process.  Additionally, Prairie Health Ventures has been working with local distributors to have spend data submitted for those hospitals not doing it directly.   Even limited spend information can result in saving opportunities.  Overall the program has been a success and continues to provide benefit to the members of Prairie Health Ventures.

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