January 14, 2016

This year we made available a complimentary service from Premier called MEMdata to help members like you (both acute and non-acute facilities) reduce purchasing costs through both direct and indirect savings opportunities. The direct savings for items purchased averages 18{a825b113fa7e7f7df3124aad37f306612c93d04c1401cc72a54a1f67d114723a}. Indirectly, hospital purchasing employees save valuable work hours by allowing MEMdata to do the research and submit for quotes on their behalf. According to MEMdata, the average amount of time spent per project by an analyst is ten hours. For example, one of our members with a 25-bed hospital has saved over $7,000 this year and estimates over 170 work hours saved. In total, our membership has seen an identified savings of over $1,000,000. For more information about how you can start saving with MEMdata, contact Laura Raber at 402-476-7333 or laura.raber@phvne.com
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