March 8, 2016 – Utilizing the PremierPro contracts are having an impact on the bottom line of our hospital members. Looking at last year’s numbers, spend of $422,000 on the PremierPro line resulted in savings of almost 15{a825b113fa7e7f7df3124aad37f306612c93d04c1401cc72a54a1f67d114723a}. PremierPro has a range of items on contract, (think exam gloves, safety lancets, procedure masks, disposable apparel, etc.) and the hospitals are utilizing more and more of this product line.
S2S Global, a Premier company, was established to bring a comprehensive supply chain solution, diverse product portfolio, and competitive pricing to Premier members.  As a direct sourcing alternative, S2S Global benefits Premier members by removing costs from the supply chain and by providing a greater impact on product flow, pricing and quality. PremierPro continues to add more and more products to their offering, and the PHV members are eager to see even more savings.

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