Due to the impact of hurricane Maria on the island of Puerto Rico, there continues to be an IV fluids shortage, which is expected to continue into 2018. Small volume products (50 ml, 100 ml bags) are most affected, but Premier is recommending conservation of IV fluids to help get through the shortage.  The FDA is allowing importation of products from overseas, it will not cover the gap to meet the needs of the USA.
Conservation is necessary in the U.S. market.  Premier has developed this infographic to assist in educating staff in the effort to conserve product.  Note that that the logo and phone number on the form are customizable to be distributed throughout your organization.
Making changes to the administration of medications may require approval through your Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.  Changes to your hospital’s information system for formulary item selection and order sets may also be required with the acquisition of different products/NDCs.
Please contact Therese Caliendo at PHV with questions.  She can be reached at 402-742-2207 or via email at Therese.Caliendo@phvne.com
Hurricane supplier updates are available on the Premier website.

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