In June, 340B Health released its stats from a survey of 1,300 hospitals participating in the 340B program.  The results of this survey revealed the importance this program has on all types of hospitals and communities across the nation.  The following are some of the top stats from the survey:


  • $2 Million to $5 Million was the median 340B savings per facility
  • 93% of rural hospitals reported they needed their 340B savings to keep the doors open as well as 57% of those hospitals saying they would be forced to close if 340B savings were diminished or eliminated.
  • 95% of all hospitals used 340B savings to maintain or provide more uncompensated care
  • 90% of all hospitals used 340B savings to maintain or provide more patient care services
  • 78% of hospitals reported a reduction in readmissions with the use of their 340B savings

340B Health also published an infographic on their survey results and posted a quick introduction to 340B video on their YouTube page.  Please share these resources with your communities to show the importance of 340B.


If you’d like to learn more about 340B or would like to optimize your 340B program to reach more patients, please reach out to Andrew Cross or call at 402-742-2211.  Visit our 340B page to learn more about our managed services.

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