According to 340B health, over 700 hospital and health system representatives from around the country who participate in the 340B drug pricing program have signed a letter encouraging the congress to protect the 340B program. “Americans are right to be upset with the high prices being charged for new and existing drugs, and cutting back the 340B program would make these problems much worse,” the CEOs state in the letter. “We are concerned about recent regulatory actions that have reduced the reach of this vital program and by legislative proposals that would undo more than two decades of bipartisan work to preserve the health care safety net.”

The 340B program allowed many hospitals and health systems to save money of drugs for low income and rural patients. By saving this money, it allows hospitals to stretch their savings in other ways to provide more services to more people. The CEOs who have participated in signing this letter come from all over the country representing some of the nations largest nonprofit health systems to some of the smallest rural hospitals.

To read the rest of the story, check it out here, or to view the full list of CEOs who have signed the letter, click here.

We’d like to thank all of the hospitals from PHV’s 340B community that signed this letter. PHV will continue to keep you updated on any more 340B advocacy tools, letters, and forums. Please reach out to PHV’s 340B coordinator, Andrew Cross, if your organization has any questions or needs help advocating for 340B.

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