A new 340B Auditing group has been contracted with HRSA to conduct audits of Covered Entities.  The Bizzell Group is mainly comprised of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.  Hospitals that have been audited by Bizzell previous say they typically pull about 30 samples with an additional 5 higher dollar items.  They will continue to seek the same information as previous HRSA auditors along with focusing on the drug replenishment process, invoices, hard copies of prescriptions, and credentialing of physicians.  With the addition of this audit group, we expect to see a rise in the number of annual HRSA audits.  To prepare for an upcoming audit, we recommend checking and updating your prescriber lists, policy and procedures, Medicaid filters and make sure you are documenting  your self-audits and external annual audits, if applicable.

If you have questions about 340B please contact either Karen Morten or Andrew Cross

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