Do you know what the health plan of tomorrow will look like?

As distributors such as Google and Amazon start taking interest in the healthcare space, the technology patient experience is becoming more important. Meaning, the health plan for tomorrow will be a digitally enabled, consumer-centric experience focused on prevention and wellness. As the healthcare industry is feeling this push, many providers are struggling to make the change. Without this change, there will soon be a clear division of “winners and losers” in the industry’s future.

“We’re fully in the middle of a pretty significant shift in the healthcare industry, and health plans, I believe, are feeling the momentum of that shift more aggressively and are at risk of being impacted more imminently than some of the other traditional players in the marketplace,” David Biel, principal at Deloitte and one of the report’s authors, told FierceHealthcare.

The article by FierceHealthcare suggests five steps to be taking as these changes begin:

  1. Build an internal culture that focuses on business transformation
  2. Make investments in technology sooner rather than later
  3. Being reorienting staffers to what work will look like—highly automated and electronic—compared to current processes
  4. Incorporate governance for data into existing policies and practices
  5. Keep a close eye on cybersecurity risks, and be prepared for emerging threats

For further information, read the full article here.

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