One way to get some immediate savings is to review your credit card processing fees. This seems overwhelming to some but if you look for the right company to partner with, this task becomes WAY better. At Integrity Merchant Solutions, their mission is to reduce the cost of credit card fees for their clients through education, innovative technology and ongoing support. Controllers and CFO’s need great tools to help with cost reduction and they have some really impressive solutions. BUT there are some things to consider before making a switch. Pick the right partner and your life gets a little easier.

IMS recommends looking at the following…

Support: Look for a company that offers you a direct contact for all your needs. Not an 800 number but an actual human that knows your business personally. This is worth it’s weight in gold. Your time is valuable.

Low fees/No Junk Fees: Look for a company that offers competitive fees, will guarantee their rates will not increase, and will help you eliminate junk fees. These are a real problem and can account for a big portion of your monthly fees. Yuck!

No Contracts: Look for a company that wants to earn your business every single day. If they don’t do what they say they will do, you can just walk away. What a great concept!

Security & Reliability: Credit card processing companies should have robust security measures in place to protect your customers’ data and prevent fraud. This is huge right now and is so important. Their network should have a strong track record of uptime.

Flexibility: Look for a company that offers multiple payment options, such as mobile payments, online payments, and in-person payments. The ability to board on multiple platforms is a big benefit as well.

Customization: It’s important to have the ability to customize your payment process to fit the needs of your business. Look for a company that allows you to set up custom billing and payment options.

Integration: Consider whether the credit card processing company integrates with your existing business systems, such as your point of sale system or accounting software.

Ask for References: I know this seems strange but talking to other businesses who work with this company is huge. Social proof is where it’s at. A company can tell you how great they are but it’s more believable from someone else. We get that!

IMS loves showing businesses how easy it is to work with them. There are so many options out there but not all are created equal… so be picky! Their customers love IMS’s business philosophy and how they are able to put them in the best environment possible. For more information check IMS out online.

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