October 12, 2016

In PHV’s quarterly analysis, we have seen an average 340B drug cost increase from $8.98 in quarter one to $9.88 in quarter two to $10.24 in quarter three among our managed facilities.  In an article published by 340B health, established generic drugs prices have increased by 10{a825b113fa7e7f7df3124aad37f306612c93d04c1401cc72a54a1f67d114723a} which is four times the overall rate of inflation over the past 3 years.   “High prices are putting medicines out of reach for many Americans,” Ted Slafsky, president and CEO of 340B Health says, “Meanwhile, Big Pharma continues to try and gut the 340B program in Washington by limiting hospital and patient eligibility.  That’s just wrong.  It’s time for Congress to address the drug price issue—and to protect one of the few programs that shields health care providers and patients from drug industry profiteering”.  To find more information, visit 340B Health’s website at http://340binformed.org/
340B Informed. (2016). GAO Calls Attention to “Extraordinary” Generic Drug Price Hikes. Retrieved from 340B Informed.

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