The statistics on data breaches are unsettling. Since 2016, there has been a 44.7% increase in breaches, and annually they cost $500 billion for companies worldwide, a number expected to cross into the trillions in the near future. The $91 billion spent on cyber security is likely to increase more than 10% as 2018 continues. Furthermore, clinics and hospitals must avoid this to remain reputable in the eyes of their patients – the value of which can’t be quantified.
VMWare’s blog RADIUS writes that dedicating more funds to the cyber security isn’t necessarily the answer. Rather, they advise properly integrating basic cyber hygiene principles into your business’s architecture is crucial. They also advise that one’s approach to cyber security is key – that total system coverage is preferable to protection of one’s most important apps. Read more on VMware’s piece about avoiding data breaches.

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