Have you or your business recently gotten a junk email? This may be from a lack of cyber security.

Cyber security is for everyone, not just for your IT department to worry about. To have effective cyber security, every department at every level must be doing their part to protect your business on the web. According to the NIST guidebook: “The largest ‘attack surface’ of the organization is you and me—the people who perform common functions: Leadership, Planning, and Governance; Sales, Marketing, and Communications; Facilities, Physical Systems, and Operations; Finance and Administration; Human Resources; Legal and Compliance; and routine Information Technology operations.”

Company’s today are allowing their employees more freedom of what they can access on the internet using work devices. This results in the use of more social media accounts and private accounts which allows hackers easier ways to infiltrate the system.

Every company should have a security awareness program that contains at least the following:

  • Formal classes on how to keep your environment secure, including password, email, and Web use guidelines
  • Information on corporate policies, procedures, and where to find them
  • Education about recognizing suspicious links, emails, and activity
  • Information about the high threat posed by pirated or legal downloads
  • What to do if you receive a suspicious email
  • What to do if you lose your corporate or personal device containing corporate information
  • Contacts in case an incident occurs or if clarification is needed

For more information, check out the full-length article here.

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