We at PHV are thinking about all working on the front lines.  Thank you for all you do!

Many critical care drugs are on allocation—please continue to place backorders.  The major wholesalers are using ‘fair allocation’ to try to get some drug out to pharmacies, but it’s still tied to previous purchasing history.  Many times allocations are determined on previous 6 months purchases.   Premier is advocating for small hospitals where volumes are small and purchases of critical product are sporadic (e.g., yearly, every 9 months).  Wholesalers are subject to allocations from the manufacturers, and they in turn put the drug on allocation to pharmacies/hospitals.

Pertinent information for pharmacy members is uploaded as it comes in to our ShareFile site.  Pharmacy members should receive an email anytime a file is uploaded.

From Premier:

Remdesivir – Remdesivir is being used in certain patients. Since it is not FDA approved and given the high volume of requests, Gilead has transitioned from a Compassionate Use Program to an Expanded Access Program. This removes the requirement to review each request on an individual basis.  All such requests must still go through email to coronavirus.response@gilead.com.  The Gilead team is working with requestors around the world as swiftly as possible.

Accessing the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)

Requests to the SNS must be initiated by the State Department of Health. No private entity can make a direct request for supplies to the SNS. The process is slightly different and unique to each state. To initiate a request, the Premier member hospital or non-acute facility should:

  • Notify DisasterResponse@PremierInc.comwhen the request is fulfilled. Request denials should also be reported for tracking purposes.
  • Contact their State Department of Health to request the state-specific SNS request form
  • Complete the form and submit to the State Department of Health as instructed
  • Forward a copy of the completed form to DisasterResponse@PremierInc.com. Premier will reach out to our contacts at SNS and alert them that a member request was initiated. Premier will advocate for an expedited response to the extent possible.

Contact Therese Caliendo with questions.  Phone 402-742-2207 or email:  Therese.Caliendo@phvne.com.

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