It’s no secret that the data being collected and stored is increasing rapidly. This Health IT Security article indicates just how fast. In summary, data stored in data centers will nearly quintuple by 2021, compared to the 2016 values. They also indicate that as the IoT evolves and devices connect, the data created will peak at two orders of magnitude higher than data stored. Cloud storage fills the need for storing this unfathomable amount of data. However, this new frontier of technology and information can leave data vulnerable, especially in the healthcare industry where the information is highly valuable.
Furthermore, remaining compliant and within regulation faces new complexities in cloud storage. Forbes uses the example of an EU healthcare company storing data in the US. Do they face DPD regulations, HIPPA, or both?
These two sources indicate that these questions should not hinder the transition to the cloud. Best practice for avoiding regulation overlap involves choosing a cloud provider in the same region as the organization. On the security side, they recommend encrypting cloud data, while storing the access codes on-site, quite literally separating the lock from the key.
How is your hospital or health system managing the transition to cloud-based information storing? Contact us to discuss!

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