Premier CEO Susan Devore was hosted by Carol Massar on Bloomberg Radio on June 25.

Massar began the interview outlining the Amazon/Berkshire Hathaway/JP Morgan arrangement and asked that Devore comment on whether she thought this equates to a new reality within the healthcare space. Devore responded that this new reality we were facing was one where employers were getting directly involved, going directly to providers. She quotes Atul Gawande on wanting to cut out the middle man and go directly to physicians. Employers are beginning to realize that employers have to go directly at the system to get the best service possible.

Devore then spells out that Premier is organized by health systems and serves 76{a825b113fa7e7f7df3124aad37f306612c93d04c1401cc72a54a1f67d114723a} of systems nationwide. They work within the industry to improve quality, outcomes and cost. When asked if the aforementioned new venture was threatening, Devore pointed to their potential to work together. Premier could act a collaborator with a national dataset, connecting them to a network of providers and other employers. She believes that this venture could have an impact quickly, but notes that it is not a final solution. Devore is optimistic about BCPI Advanced payment models and believes that we need to continue to change the way care is delivered.

Listen to the interview (starting at 13:15)

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