Hospital participation continues in our ASCEND meetings and we’re pleased to host them again in 2017.  These meetings bring together the Material Managers of our member hospitals, who then realize the benefits of these meetings in a variety of ways.  The first opportunity is to hear about Premier’s recently released contracts from the vendors themselves.  Information on the products, their applications, benefits of utilizing, conversion opportunities and pricing are covered by each vendor.  Discussions are held, questions are asked and the added benefit is the members get to meet the contact for each of the contracts, and the vendors can reach a large number of our hospitals at once.   Another benefit from these meetings is the networking that happens between members.  The opportunity is there for dialogues and questions on issues either specific to an individual hospital, or to the group as a whole.  Over the years this has become a valuable resource for all who participate.  The dates for the meetings in 2017 have been set, and we look forward to working with the Material Managers face to face for another year.  Here are the dates:
22nd | Kearney | Holiday Inn
23rd| Lincoln | Cornhusker Marriott
20th and 21st | Annual Material Manager’s Retreat    (No ASCEND Meeting)
13th | Kearney | Holiday Inn
14th | Lincoln | Cornhusker Marriott
8th | Kearney | Holiday Inn
9th | Lincoln | Cornhusker Marriott
17th | Kearney | Holiday Inn
18th | Lincoln | Cornhusker Marriott

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