The 2017 Material Manager’s Retreat (April 20-21, Nebraska City) saw the most attendees since it started in April, 2009.  Prairie Health Ventures wants to thank those who attended, the speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise, and also the staff at Lied Lodge and Conference Center.
Attendees were updated on the direction Prairie Health Ventures is headed by Rod Triplett, CEO.  Learning to not have such a full plate and balance life’s challenges was the topic presented by Darla Arni.  Wes Scruggs of Premier talked about the ASCEND program, the new Committed Lab Program, and engaged the group in discussions and questions on a variety of vendor topics.  The day was wrapped up by Gary Kebbel, the Dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at UNL.  He gave tips on how to reach the youth of today by knowing how they use mobile media.
Thursday evening there was a private dinner, capped off by the hilarious comedy routine of Rik Roberts.  This is the second time he has worked for Prairie Health ventures, and as always, didn’t disappoint.
Friday morning was a workshop hosted by Kip Welchlin consisting of 2 topics – Dealing with Difficult People and Communicating Across the Generations at Work.  Kit kept the program moving with funny anecdotes, true life experiences and tips to make interacting with people productive and rewarding, no matter the circumstance!
Networking, learning and yes, even relaxing, are all a part of the event which aims to recharge and reenergize the participants.  We received a lot of positive and constructive feedback which we will use to work on the program for 2018.  Every year is a challenge to bring a quality and worthwhile program to the Material Managers, and we look forward to that challenge every year!

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