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At Prairie Health Ventures, we assist eligible hospitals, clinics, and skilled nursing facilities to address challenges in maximizing use of the FCC’s USAC Rural Health Care Programs. We bring a combined 30-plus years of experience with USAC filing and have helped facilities get up to a 65% discount on broadband expenses and network equipment. Our services are designed to meet your diverse needs. We assist in several ways:

  1. Validate your facility’s eligibility and review telecommunications bills to determine qualifying services
  2. Submit all required program forms to expedite processing requests of CSAC RHC funding
  3. Provide guidance on evaluating various bids, then assist with selection of service providers
  4. Submit USAC funding requests with mandatory supporting documentation
  5. Serve as a point of contact for questions from USAC during processing of all submitted forms
  6. Review, validate and assist with funding questions related to monthly service provider billing
  7. File annual consortium reports and support organizations through USAC audits


More on RHC

The Rural Health Care (RCH) Program works to increase connectivity to rural health facilities so they may deliver the best possible medical care to their communities. Between the two subgroups, the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) and the Telecommunications (Telecom) Programs, the RCH distributes up to $400 million annually in reduced rates for broadband and telecom services.

About USAC

The mission at the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) is to achieve universal service, where everyone in the US has accessible, affordable, and pervasive high-speed connectivity. While connectivity is prevalent in most urban areas, millions of people in the US cannot access broadband services for work, learning, healthcare, and communication. In addition to the RHC, USAC connects underserved areas through school and library, high cost, and lifeline programs.

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To learn more about how PHV can help you with your USAC filing, contact us and see read more.



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