Independent Health Network (IHN)

Consistent with our mission to help members succeed through collaboration, we believe high bandwidth, low latency private network connectivity is the cornerstone to enabling future technology-based healthcare services.

We believe this connectivity for small hospitals should be a minimum of 100Mbps, application and vendor neutral, and connected to all other networks in the region.

Previously we helped 12 hospitals improve connectivity with the Rural Nebraska Health Network (RNHN) Eastern Expansion.   We have now expanded access to even more hospitals today with a statewide 10Gbps fiber ring that is open to all willing hospitals in an affordable manner.

PHV was a catalyst in assisting with funding the creation of Independent Health Network (IHN) consortium, formed in 2015.

The IHN Phase 1 project was complete in January 2017 and rings the state, bringing on an additional 29 hospitals serving as either hubs or edge locations.

Looking ahead, we plan to focus on cross connectivity with other medical organizations and networks along with increasing resiliency.

Please stay tuned as we progress with this initiative. Should you have questions, please contact us.


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