The objective of ASCEND is to achieve rapid improvements in supply chain performance and efficiency through the Premier Accelerated Supply Chain Endeavor program.  This program is uniquely designed to benefit hospitals by achieving better pricing than former volume-driven tiered pricing programs.

ASCEND participants will benefit from:

  • Best pricing from sole source, highly committed contracts
  • Benchmarking against top performers
  • Knowledge sharing with peers and industry leaders

In addition, administrative support from PHV is provided in the identification, verification and activation of these contracts for each member.  Routine communication including frequent vendor meetings and contract status updates are provided to enable and support members in reaching the supply chain objectives.

PHV’s CEO Dave Christensen discusses the value of Premier’s ASCEND Program to our membership. PHV was an early adopter in ASCEND several years ago and all 50 hospitals continue to realize differentiated savings back to their organizations. ASCEND spans to more than 145 manufacturers on over 234 specially negotiated contracts.

For more information about Ascend, please click here.

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